Thursday, February 23, 2017

Riddle Me This, Mary Marvel!!

It's Mary Batson's high school graduation--and look who's come to congratulate her!

Yup, good old Bulletgirl herself!!

Unfortunately, Susan Kent had the bad manners to bring along a couple of her recurring villains: Dr. Riddle and The Weeper!!
Well, Susan is caught in an easily escapable death trap, but Mary Marvel rescues her (this will be a continuing theme).

And, of course, with a name like the Dr. Riddle...

Mary Marvel has a goofy scientist and an intelligent worm for enemies--so when she derides the Dr. Riddler as silly, well, she should know!

Well, after lots of thwarted schemes, ridiculously easy riddles, Bulletgirl getting captured while Mary rescues her, and finally Bulletgirl getting knocked out before the big crime, Mary finally gets into the spirit of things:

Now that's my kind of riddle!!

As for the Weeper?

Yes...yes, she is.

Bulletgirl was captured and knocked out 7 times on the way home...

From Mary Marvel #8 (1946)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This Really Should be An Olympic Sport!!

Gravitron has brought his little chunk of Canada to the big city!!

Man, everybody wants to make it in Manhattan! What's wrong with ruling Canada, bro?

Anyway, in one of the saddest variations of "I have a girlfriend, but she's in Canada," well, Frank's Canadian scientist crush really exists, and kills herself rather than be forced to be Graviton's queen. Oops!

Uh, don't do that, Frank...

Get ready, ladies, for the Great 1977 Marvel Beefcake Show!

Oh, dear...

Hurray!! Do it again!! Do it again!

Now, I fear that some of your primitive post-1970s minds are whining "physics" or "tidal waves" or the like.

The Bullpen has you covered, friend:

Still, Namor could have been pretty pissed...

From Avengers #159 (1977). Letter from Avengers #163 (1977)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stop Whining, snell

What my digestive tract is kinda felling like these past couple of weeks:

Yeah, yeah, get over yourself.

From Fantastic Four #175 (1976)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Manic Monday Bonus--How Sideshow Bob Became A Super-Villain!!

Warning--This tale may abuse your childhood of Simpsons memories. Just sayin.'

Jonathon Powers--the original Jester, has an origin he's eager to share with you:

Well, NYC is a tough nut to crack, And Powell ends up working for some kiddie show...

Until Sideshow Bob Powell can no longer take no longer taker it, ...and...

And so is born the Jester.

I always liked the Jester--sure, he does mundane crime, but you all know I have no problem with that. Plus, he used good gimmicks, and was a master of planning--he'd rather walk away than nothing than win with a substandard effort.

BONUS--he got steered to all sorts of "political" and "social media" crimes, fairly prescient for the era). He was hired to discredit Foggy in his District Attorney race! He faked his own death on live TV--so he could frame Daredevil for it! He invents CGI to ruin another of Foggy's campaigns! He tried to use his trickeration to drive Matt mad!!

So, for Civil War II, they trow him a cell for pre-crime, because that's so much more an interesting us of the character...sigh...

Jester's origin from Daredevil #42 (1968)

Manic Monday--No Grail-Shaped Beacons?

Things get very frisky on Reform Island...

OK, let' move along, nothing more to see here...

From Wonder Woman #4 (1943)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Super-Heroes Should Always Play Stickball With Kids!

When you're a local chemist/super-hero, you should always make time for a quick game of stickball with the neighborhood lads!

Because super-hero stickball leads to broken windows...

...leads to overheard Nazi plotting...

...and good old Ratzi nest punchouts!!

And, when Hans show up, he makes the classic error:

Never ask the victims which to shoot first!

So remember--always break windows while playing stickball!!

From Black Terror #7 (1944)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Uhhhh...The Dog Ate My Homework?

Sometime in the Golden Age, they just kinda plum ran of of energy, and story, and the ability to even pretend to care...

So...ummm, that's a wrap?

Wow, sorry abut the previous 9 pages, I guess. We even brought Walter White for a guest appearance!

Welp, story's over now. No sense lingering. Adios!

From Captain Marvel Jr #54 (1947)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Night Fights--WOW-Style!

It's called Friday Night Fights, not Friday Night Tough Negotiations.

And this week MC Spacebooger has declared that the winning fight will feature "a crazy powerful punch resulting in a KO!"

 Done and done!

Just a normal New York City day, when Gladiator comes to town. He's all confused and woozy, thanks to Skrull trickeration, and he fact he thinks that every super-hero he sees is a Skrull.

Enter Benjamin J. Grimm:

Yeah, that'll do it.

Spacebooger has a list of characters for Gladiator to pummel, when he gets the chance.

Big time punchy from Fantastic Four #249 (1982), by John Byrne

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Because it's been a really, really terrible weak, and I could use a win, no matter how small and meaningless. So go and vote!